Business Text: Be in the know – always

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  • 7 June, 2013
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Business Text.

If you love following the Wall Street and investing in stocks and shares, chances are you know about business text. If you don’t here is what it’s all about. It’s a way of alerting you and reminding you of all the latest trends, statistical information, mergers and acquisitions and a whole lot more! You can expect to be always ahead of the race with business text alerts.
Top business stories

Have you reached office only to realize your company is about to be taken over by a corporation giant? Well, chances are you have been skipping the newspaper or maybe didn’t have the time to catch up on the top business stories. If you are strapped for time to catch up with what’s happening you can access business text for simple and convenient solutions. These alerts will provide you with all the information you need to know. Whether it’s a merger or an acquisition or a new deal your company got – you can get all the important information on your mobile!

The stock market

If you are an avid investor who has been struggling lately with his investments, chances are keeping track of share prices is the problem. With a business text solution you can always stay informed on the current rates in the market, the price per share, aspects like which company is doing well, which isn’t as well as which companies have closed down etc. Even crucial information like a new strategic deal clinched by a company can push up prices of shares by a big margin. Keeping track of such aspects can help you stay ahead and make profit.

Has your rival succeeded?

If you own a business, chances are you also would like to keep a close tab on your rival. You want to know which deals it has clinched, how its performing, the prices of its shares etc. If you want to know if your direct competitor has managed to clinch that strategic deal, you can get to know now with a business text solution. With regular alerts on various aspects you can even choose to receive customized messages depending on your requirement.

Current affairs

If you have been a little out of touch with the newspapers recently, it’s time to brush up on what’s been happening. But it can be difficult to find the time to skin through all those pages of the newspaper. If you want a smart, concise and convenient solution a business text solution is the key. You can receive snippets of top stories, breaking news pertaining to your business. Sometimes even an economic reform might have a direct impact on your business.

A host of options

Whether it is related to finance, or your own business or a competitor’s – a business text system can help you leverage all kinds of information. Invest wisely by knowing which are the performing stocks in the market, be in the know of the latest mergers and acquisitions and above all stay ahead in the race! With a business text solution you can make all this possible!

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