Auto Reply

Automatic Text reply

Automatic Text ReplyBounce a message straight back

If you choose to have a virtual number you can set up an automatic reply to any texts you receive.

It’s the easy way to make sure people know you’ve got their message.

  • Set up an out-of-the-office reply
  • Tailor your auto-replies for different departments – a sales department could acknowledge a new enquiry or confirmation of a sale, whereas a service department could acknowledge a customer query
  • We’ve set up an auto reply for you to try – Text 07800002176 and see for yourself
  • All inbound messages can be forwarded to an email or mobile

This feature is free to TMC customers

So why not try TMC – Remember: No contract term, No license fee, No minimum send and No data upload

Click HERE to sign up for your FREE trial or call TMC on +44 (0)20 7224 4331


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