Bulk SMS Software

Bulk texts – personalised tracking

With no set-up fees, contracts or software to download, TMC offers a low cost and easy to use bulk SMS service which helps you to engage new and prospective customers. We offer a whole host of features such as two way messaging and message tracking all wrapped into a user friendly and intuitive system.

Create, send, track and measure the success of your bulk SMS campaign. Here’s how we can help:

  • Personalised text promotions – send a text directly to your customers’ mobiles with details of your latest sale, offer or promotion. We can provide you with your own custom address so you can send texts using your business name.
  • Track the success of your campaign – take a look at the statistics from your campaign, including whether messages have been delivered, rejected or expired. Refine your bulk SMS campaign with real-time stats.
  • Only pay for the messages you send – send any number of SMS messages to any UK network for a flat rate. No contracts, no fuss. 


High quality, low cost texting

Our bulk SMS software allows you to send and receive text messages at the touch of a button. Our service is refreshingly simple, fast and low cost and comes with a range of features which provide added insight into your campaign.

Using your own login details you are able to access TMC’s bulk SMS software from any computer, anywhere in the world. Our service includes the ability to store unlimited recipient data and create multiple user accounts, making it easy to manage your campaign.

We can also link our software to your own database or software application simply and easily, ensuring seamless integration with our SMS gateway and enabling you to utilise SMS as a key communication tool.

Try a FREE NO-OBLIGATION TRIAL today or call 0207 224 4331 for more information about our bulk SMS service.

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