Virtual Number

It works both ways, you know!

Virtual NumbersHave your own exclusive text number

Choose a personalised virtual number with TMC and you will be able to really make the most of SMS texting. You will be able to send messages from your virtual number and receive replies straight into your accounts SMS inbox. These can then be forwarded to an Email of your choice or even your mobile phone.

That means no more clogging up your phone’s memory with messages, and you can send messages without having to reveal your mobile number.

Manage your messages on the system, and forward them to your email or mobile. You can store old messages and check back on them whenever you need.

We can even automatically file down these inbound messages to unique groups to send outbound texts to at a later date, and offer you the ability to reply automatically with an auto response message.

There is a charge of £5 per month for this feature

So why not try TMC – Remember: No contract term, No license fee, No minimum send and No data upload

Click HERE to sign up for your FREE trial or call TMC on +44 (0)20 7224 4331


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