The History of TMC

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  • 11 February, 2014
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In 2002, the Text Messaging Centre Ltd (TMC) burst into the telecoms industry in a huge way. With a service that offered automated web-based SMS technologies. This meant that many companies were reconsidering their communication methods.


Text Messaging Centre Ltd

Launched in 2002, the Text Messaging Centre entered the telecom market on the cutting edge. It was one of the first companies in the UK to offer a feature rich SMS services, which allows organisations to reach out to their customers in a way that was previously unimaginable. TMC helped to create an efficient, cost effective communication method that many forward thinking organisations quickly grabbed hold of.

Part of TMC’s success is due to the expert knowledge and guidance of the CEO, Peter Tanner. Peter, who has over 25 years’ experience in the industry, was able to develop the company to provide a service that saves both time and money through simple automation. As a creative individual, Peter realised that there is not one-fix for everything and adapted the service to match customer’s requirements.


As with every strong business, over the years TMC has rolled out several new services and products. In addition to a bulk automated text services, it also offers:

Global texting
SMS API integration
Outlook interface
MMS messaging
Premium texting
WAP push
Icon Shortcut

These allow for the services to be used across a range of different industries and businesses, regardless of how large or small. Many of these features can add increased usability and efficiency to the everyday running of your company, helping you to cut costs and save time without compromising efficiency.

Accredited G-Cloud Suppliers

Due to specialised services and excellent delivery, TMC was awarded with the G-Cloud III accreditation. The G-Cloud is a scheme that has been introduced by the UK government in order to increase efficiency and reduce the expense of computer systems.

By offering services that are tailored to industries such as government, public sector and education, TMC has been recognised for providing fast, select, flexible and proven cloud-based IT services. There are very few SMEs that have received this accreditation, showing the high standards that TMC operates at in order to have achieved this award.

The Future

Where will TMC go from here? As the telecoms industry continually grows, the possibilities are endless. No matter where the next few years take the company, TMC will always provide a service that exceeds your requirements, making your day to day responsibilities faster, better and cheaper. To keep up with the latest developments, follow our blog.

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