How Much SMS Text Messages Cost

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  • 7 June, 2013
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How Much SMS Text Messages Cost.

Text messages and sending text messages are extremely popular among teenagers all around the world it is also used to when someone wants to send a business SMS. It is a cheaper way of communication compared to making a call and speaking to the person directly. Cell phones are fast growing, and today everywhere you look you see a teenager with a cell phone, compared to when we were teenagers these handy little devices did not exist but were only on the drawing boards.

The cost of a normal SMS and a business SMS vary around the world, and in many markets, the service keeping cell phones “alive” is cheap. In Australia for example a typical SMS text message will cost the sender to send a SMS somewhere between AUD 0.20 and 0.25. There is however a few prepaid services in Australia that charge the sender AUD 0.01 to send a SMS. Now compare this to a voice call and you will be looking at a cost between AUD 0.40 and AUD 2.00 a minute to make a call. Now we can understand why many people choose to send SMS’s rather than speak directly to the recipient.

Sending SMS text messages in Australia is so popular that it has pulled advertisers into the ocean. However, there are a few insiders that are worried that advertisers might abuse the convenience of SMS messaging and someday their advertisements will be known as SPAM.

In Europe the sending of SMS text messages is just behind Asia, when it comes to popularity of text messaging. In this country the cost of sending an SMS message will be a measly £0.03 to £0.18 and this depends on the plan of payment.

The United States the appeal of text messages is limited. The cost of an SMS text message costs the sender US$0.15, and many of the providers offer the consumers monthly SMS text messaging plans. In 2003, there were only 13 messages sent by the average user in a single month. Another thing about SMS text messages in the US is that the sender is charged for sending the SMS and the recipient is charged for receiving the SMS. The SMS sent cannot be dismissed like phone calls. The reason for this is that many of the cell phone users in the US have an unlimited amount of minutes and unlimited service. In addition, there are Push to Talk services that offer the subscriber an instant SMS connectivity and this is unlimited. In the past a few providers charged the consumers extra in order to use the SMS text messaging option, and this reduced the popularity and the usefulness of sending SMS text messages.

In conclusion, the use of SMS text messages and business SMS has been and always will be popular in a few countries. As long as teenagers know exactly how to manipulate the keys and can move their fingers gracefully and at the speed of light over the buttons, then there will be no reason for text messaging to lose its popularity. It is something that was created, and as long as it makes everyone happy, it is something that will not be “uncreated”.

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