Make Cash Transfers with New Designs in SMS Software

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  • 7 June, 2013
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Make Cash Transfers with New Designs in SMS Software.

The global leader Anam Mobile is the top supplier of proceeds producing TR2 Communications and SMS software. Recently, Anam Mobile proclaimed they are launching an original service which will enable global currency exchanges to be made through SMS software. In partnership, TR2 Communications, the company that provides the money exchange submission, is helping to build the Anam Mobile portfolio of valuable text services.

The SMS software cash transfer service is simple for consumers to use. The new software program follows a procedure that consists of three easy steps. In order to send the funds, via SMS software services, the user has to write a text message that starts with “#cash.” After this is typed in the user must then type in the amount that is to be sent. Thirdly, the user selects who they wish to send in the cash transfer to, taking the number from the address book.

The funds are then transferred after the pin has been checked and the complete SMS verification has been received. The individual who received the cash transfer will then receive a SMS letting them know that the money has been transferred. The SMS software service can be used by all global operators of Anam mobile products. Anam Mobile is prepared to produce an even roll-out approach to the service of current subscribers.

The mobile phone has become an inseparable accessory that people do not leave home with out. While this is happening there is a global workforce that as people are constantly moving to additional areas looking for employment. It is because of such aspects that the SMS software funds exchange is the perfect application that enables people to send funds.

Usually, new information services which create original proceed streams mean an entire shift in the behavior of the consumer. This means that the new data services have a measured uptake, or in some rare cases none at all. The SMS software money transfer service, which is part of the value-added program, lets workers propose innovative services that do not cause a complete shift in the consumers’ behavior. Immediate results are gained from the value-added program that generates additional revenues.

In conjunction among TR2 statements, the company of Anam Mobile is able to add SMS software services funds exchange submission to its portfolio. Anam Mobile is a pioneer in the SMS software marketplace. They provide users with messaging services solutions to portable workers around the globe. Anam Mobile covers a core network of SMS software as well as MMS liberation stages.

Anam Mobile’s original Services Interceptor structure allows operators to launch brand new person-to-person. SMS software messaging services. The framework is great because it allows users to personalize and enrich the experience of messaging for all users.

The money transfer service is just one of the revolutionary value-added programs that is changing the way mobile users can send money around the world. Anam Mobile and TR2 Communications have created a SMS software service that is changing the face of cash transfers. Whether right next door or three thousand miles away one can send money easily and quickly to friends and family.

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