We No Speak IT

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The Secret to Finding the Best Text Message Support

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Appointment Attendance; Statistic Shocker

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The History of TMC

In 2002, the Text Messaging Centre Ltd (TMC) burst into the telecoms industry in a huge way. With a service that offered automated web-based SMS technologies. This meant that many … Continue Reading →

UK Councils Booming Thanks to the Power of Texts

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Rotherham Branch of GMB Trade Union Saves Thousands With Web Based SMS Solution From TMC

The R62 branch of the GMB Trade Union based at Rotherham Borough Council, has ‘gone-live’ with an autonomous web-based text messaging solution from Text Messaging Centre (TMC) to communicate quickly … Continue Reading →

Birmingham City Council Sees Campaign Success With SMS Solution From Text Messaging Centre

Birmingham City Council has selected an autonomous web-based SMS solution from Text Messaging Centre (TMC) to provide local residents with the option to instantly enter its latest competition via SMS. … Continue Reading →

St. John Ambulance Lancashire Selects SMS Solution From TMC To Recruit Volunteers In Emergencies

St. John Ambulance, the nation’s leading first aid charity, has selected an autonomous web-based SMS solution from Text Messaging Centre (TMC) to communicate efficiently with hundreds of volunteers throughout Lancashire. The SMS … Continue Reading →