SMS Gateway API Pricing

SMS Gateway API

For programmers, developers and system administrators who are seeking to integrate SMS functionality into their software or applications, we offer a range of simple solutions in the form of our SOAP, HTTP and SMTP API’s that will allow seamless integration with our systems.



  • Setting up a direct SOAP, SMTP or HTTP GET call to The Messaging Centre is FREE
  • Send multiple messages via a single post
  • Send messages via secure password login
  • There is no monthly minimum spend
  • Messages are charged at your standard text bundle rate
  • SSL encrypted (SOAP method only, please refer to documentation)
  • Documentation with detailed instructions, samples and examples.
  • For further information or advice please contact TMC Support on +44(0)20 7224 4331 or


  • There is no set-up cost, or monthly fee. Simply register an account at and follow the instructions provided below to implement your preferred method.


SOAP Code Samples:



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