You will be amazed at how quickly you can integrate

The TMC system has been designed to allow staff to quickly and easily learn how to use the software. The key elements of the service are on the main page, from which you can select, type and send your message. You are advised prior to sending what you are sending and how many messages will be delivered.  You can also select the ID you want the message to be sent from.
You can use spell check, pre-set messages, wap push and much more all from the main page, and all through the web browser on your Internet connected computer.

Your Teeth are one of the country’s leading dental practices. The practice staff are extremely busy and need the support of technology to deliver the quality of service expected. Despite initial concerns about the length of time it might take to adapt to using a third party application the manager and key staff that use the service were able to understand and use the application immediately.  This produced very positive results in regard to the response garbered from their patients.  Some thought SMS as a means of communication was “very professional” whilst others remarked:  “It’s so nice not to be disturbed”

“The system integrated so well with our practice’s way of working it was like it had always been there, we don’t know how we would manage without it”.  Can you manage without it?

Why not try TMC now –  Remember No contract term, No license fee, No minimum send and No data upload

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