The Secret to Finding the Best Text Message Support

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  • 28 February, 2014
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With thousands of businesses across the world now using SMS text messaging services, the initial setup and configuration of the account will support the efficient use of the service. While having the service it can provide cost and efficiency savings, proper advice and training for the setup and use of the more advanced features can be some of the most beneficial aspects of the service.  Another essential area of support and training to be provided with is ideas and use cases on how to streamline communication, understand the versatility of SMS messaging and the range of uses for SMS messaging in business workflows. Here’s what you should check for when looking at business text messaging:


Knowledge & Support

When something goes wrong, you need it to be fixed as quickly as possible. Make sure the support team you’re using has a fast response time and a dedicated help team. Speed is important, but having a knowledgeable team to fix the issue the first time can save time and relieve stress.

Make sure the SMS service support team understands what you want to achieve and provides advice on the best ways to achieve this. A lot of the time there are uses for SMS you might not have thought of that can increase efficiency within your organisation, make communications easier for staff and customers whilst reducing cost.


Size Doesn’t Matter

Just because you’re a large company doesn’t mean the text support service you receive has to come from a large organisation. Chances are you would be paying more for a bigger team, and if you only need them when things go wrong then it is simply throwing cash away. You’re better off finding a quality team who are well suited to exceed your expectations.


What’s on Offer?

Some services only offer troubleshooting when things go wrong, while others have a much more comprehensive package. Look for a provider who is willing to help guide staff through tutorials about using the system to prevent future problems. If they offer this as a regular service, you can take advantage of top-up training or complete training for new members of staff.

Check out whether the support team will set up the software needed and ensure that it runs smoothly across the network.


Service Tailored to You

It is important that the service you receive is exactly what you need. Find out what kind of issues the support staff regularly handles and whether that might apply to your workflows. Find an all-inclusive service that will provide a wide range of help and that can customize support packages just for your company.

Working with your business text message service provider gives you the best chance of rectifying issues and increasing the use of the system, as they will know the system inside out and will be able to offer the fastest solutions and best use of SMS for your organisation.

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