SMS Business-to-Consumer Options

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  • 7 June, 2013
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SMS Business-to-Consumer Options.

There are many different types of SMS business-to-consumer services that a business may want to consider utilizing. These include:

Mobile financial services – Information that is helpful to bank customers is included in this type of SMS business service. Information that may fall under this category includes telling the customer about his or her most recent transactions, providing the customer with account balances, or informing the customer about overdraft limits. With mobile broking, the customer can receive real time updates about share prices as well.

Mobile security services – SMS combined with an integrated SIM card and a private key signature makes it possible to complete secure transactions, such as purchases, with their mobile devices.

Mobile information provisioning – this type of SMS service can include a variety of types of information. This can be information such as weather, news headlines, sports results, events, horoscopes, stock prices, film listings, birthdays, and more.

Mobile ringtone and logo services – SMS can also be utilized to request and to receive opening screens and ringtones to help personalize a mobile device.

Mobile loyalty programs – Loyalty programs are easy to set up with SMS software. Reminders and updates can be sent through SMS, such as appointment confirmations, updates on air mile rewards, overdue rentals, and more.

With so many different services that SMS technology makes possible, it is easy to see why more and more businesses are looking into ways to integrate it into their customer service strategies. By taking advantage of this technology, businesses can remain on the cutting edge and stay ahead of the competition. After all, the more frequently a business can remain in contact with its customers and present itself as a leader in the industry, the more likely the business is to retain those customers.

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