EducationEvery educational establishment is looking to maximise budgets and find more time and cost efficient ways to communicate with parents, students and also internally with its own staff. An increasing number of schools, colleges and universities are implementing a text solution to address these issues and are finding that the text message has become a more useful communication tool than first thought


A text is a cheaper and more effective way of communicating with parents when compared to a telephone call or letter. If for example, a school wishes to advise of pupil non-attendance or confirm receipt of an official letter, a single message can be sent to multiple parents and all replies directed back to the TMC inbox from which pupil records can be updated.  Notifying parents of any school trips or events would also take only a matter of seconds to undertake


Ensuring students attend seminars or tutorials is vital not only to their educational progress but to also prevent a tutor turning up to an empty classroom, wasting valuable time.  Similarly, helping students meet deadline dates for essays or coursework allows a tutor to maintain and manage his/her teaching schedule. Sending a  text message is a great way of notifying students of any changes to tutorials or seminars or to serve as reminder that a pieice of work is due by a particular time and date.  In a campus environment the safety of students could be enhanced by using TMC’s Group forwarding feature.  A student identifying a security breach that could potentially endanger fellow students can send a text into the TMC application that is instantly dispersed to fellow students on campus warning of the security breach.


As well as proving a great means by which to keep staff informed of any important, time critical information, texting also perfect for the recruitment of supply staff required for short notice cover. A message can be sent to a bank of supply staff and replies can come back to the system inbox indicating availability.  Once the appropriate number of  vacancies haven been filled, a message can be automatically triggered by the system to advise the unsuccessful applicants that they are not required on this occassion.

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