Public Sector

Public sector

Public SectorThe Text Messaging Centre has developed its software specifically for the public sector. We understand that you need to serve your communities and that you need to be thorough, economical and efficient in the services you provide.

TMC can go some way to helping you achieve these goals. How many people do you need to reach? How urgently and how much time and money does it cost to achieve this? Would automation allow you to improve your service and reduce your costs? Do you need to communicate unique information to each customer or standard information to all of them? Would you like to give them an alternative way to communicate with you?

TMC has been helping organizations in the public sector address these questions by successfully delivering alternative communications solutions. Why not apply our technology to your organisation?

So why not try TMC – Remember: No contract term, No license fee, No minimum send and No data upload

Click HERE to sign up for your FREE trial or call TMC on +44 (0)20 7224 4331


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