RecruitmentProbably the biggest headache for any recruitment agency is ensuring vacancies are fulfilled on time. Contacting potential candidates can often be a frustrating, expensive and time consuming experience.

Imagine you have just taken a booking where you have promised to provide 20 quality candidates by next week. Normally this would involve making 20+ separate telephone calls (often expensive landline to mobile calls) whilst you attempt to fill each position. Could there be an easier way?

By utilising the TMC’s SMS service you could text the relevant jobs details to all of your registered job seekers within minutes of the booking becoming available, saving crucial time and costly phone calls. Job seekers who receive this text message can then instantly reply via text and either accept or decline the work.


The Messaging Centre SMS service provides a fully scalable, web-based SMS platform for communication with customers, suppliers, prospects, remote personnel or anyone with a compatible GSM device.

With such a user-friendly way to communicate, it´s no surprise that so many organisations across the world have harnessed the power of browser-based SMS texting with TMC.

TMC SMS brings you an easy, cost-effective way to keep in touch;

  • NO set up fee and NO minimum monthly spend
  • Access the system from ANY Internet connected PC
  • Total control over who sends messages
  • You ONLY pay for the messages you send
  • There is NO contract term
  • Browser-based – NO software download
  • 128 Bit SSL Encryption ensures your data is KEPT CONFIDENTIAL
  • ´HTTPS´ login for secure access

So why not try TMC – Remember: No contract term, No license fee, No minimum send and No data upload

Click HERE to sign up for your FREE trial or call TMC on +44 (0)20 7224 4331


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