Morrison Utility Services

Morrison Utility Services

MorrisonMorrison Utility Services Ltd are design, planning, build and maintenance service providers to the electricity, gas, telecommunications and water supply chain network.  They currently operate a vast network of 175 contracted engineering teams across the country responsible for the provision, replacement, repair and maintenance of utility network infrastructures, telecommunications and mobile phone masts along with electricity substations.

Historically, communication between the contract office and the engineers was conducted by telephone which was unreliable as engineers were reluctant to call in the middle of a job and time consuming as contract office staff continually chased engineers for progress reports.

After switching to TMC, these problems were instantly arrested as communication by text was, quick, easy, reliable and crucially enhanced company compliance by providing a full audit trail.

“Each text message is managed highly effectively through the internet application.  Whenever an SMS message is received the system sends back an automated response which contains a unique reference number.  This confirms to the engineer that their text has been received and provides us with a fully compliant audit trail.  Using SMS communication has dramatically increased the speed with which our engineers contact the contract office.  TMC is perfect for us – it’s very cost effective and we get great customer service around a system that is fully customizable to our needs.”

Regional Systems and Business Process Manager – Morrison Utility Services Ltd

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