Rotherham Branch of GMB Trade Union Saves Thousands With Web Based SMS Solution From TMC

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  • 7 June, 2013
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The R62 branch of the GMB Trade Union based at Rotherham Borough Council, has ‘gone-live’ with an autonomous web-based text messaging solution from Text Messaging Centre (TMC) to communicate quickly and efficiently with union members. Using TMC’s technology the trade union has moved away from costly and time-consuming paper-based mailings to fast, efficient and cost-effective SMS communication, ensuring members receive the latest trade union information instantly, easily and direct to their mobile phone.

The GMB Trade Union is a campaigning trade union focused on protecting, representing and solving problems for GMB members in their workplaces. The GMB is Britain’s general union which means anyone can join and has over 600,000 members working in every part of the UK economy. The GMB Trade Union’s branch, based at Rotherham Borough Council, is the first to implement an SMS solution as part of its strategy to improve communication and attract members to the website for the most recent campaign updates.
Previously spending hundreds of pounds reaching its members via paper-based mailings, Lee Simpson, Branch Convener at the GMB Rotherham Branch, comments on how the SMS solution will impact on the organisation, “Prior to implementing the web-based text messaging solution from TMC, we were contacting our members via mail to update them on any changes to a particular campaign, a specific pay offer or changes in workplace regulations. A regular mailing would cost £850 to send individual letters via second class post minus additional stationery and printing costs. Selecting the TMC solution will save us £675 on the cost of stamps alone – add that up over the whole year and the savings amount into the thousands.”
Simpson adds, “Everybody has a mobile phone and therefore I believe that SMS has become the most effective method of communication – an SMS is not only delivered to the desired recipient instantly but also empowers the member to receive the information they need at a time that is suitable to them. The TMC SMS solution helps improve our service delivery at a minimum cost and maximum ease for the recipient.”
TMC is a web-based application that can be accessed from any computer within the Rotherham office; all messages are fully auditable and compliant through the TMC interface. “The SMS technology exactly meets our needs, it is so simple to use, and has enabled us to transform our communication strategies without having to change any existing infrastructure or invest time in staff training.” Simpson continues, “The functionality within the web-based interface provides us with the flexibility to target specific groups, individuals or everybody at the click of a button. SMS has facilitated immediate communication with target groups and allows us to engage with our members more frequently.”
Simpson concludes, “We are extremely pleased with the service we have received from TMC. They have worked alongside us to help GMB Rotherham achieve significant savings in costs, time and resource. We can now guarantee our members that they will receive the most up-to-date information as and when it’s issued, plus we have now moved to paperless environment in this respect. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with TMC and deem SMS as an effective tool for any business.”
Peter Tanner, managing director at TMC and Boomerang SMS Solutions, comments, “It’s staggering to think that so many organisations are still using paper-based mail as their main form of communication to customers/members – a costly and time-consuming operation. Replacing post with SMS not only saves businesses money but also significantly streamlines efficiencies and empowers the recipient with the latest information in an instant irrespective of location. We are extremely pleased to be working with GMB Trade Union to help them realise the extensive benefits that SMS can bring to an organisation.”
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