UK Councils Booming Thanks to the Power of Texts

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  • 5 February, 2014
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Many of our councils here in the UK are beginning to see results thanks to the efficiency of text messaging services. Read on to find out how their successes have positively impacted the government and local citizens.


What Are Text Messaging Services?
Text messaging services are systems used by a number of different councils and companies in order to send essential information to customers or those living in a constituency.

These services are used in order to increase the speed and effectiveness of communications as well as for paying less for keeping in touch. You can send and receive SMS messages from any computer connected to the internet and manage messages at a click of a button. These services have a much larger memory than a normal mobile phone and therefore messages can be kept on the system for weeks or even months until they are no longer needed.

By using a text messaging service, you can message people without revealing your mobile number and can track the message to see when it has arrived. You could even set up a virtual number with an automatic reply to texts you receive – something like ‘thank you for your message. We will get back to you a.s.a.p.’


Case Studies

The IT Director at Brent Council has said: “The SMS technology from TMC enables us to drive down operational expenditure by removing basic admin costs such as paper, envelope and postage but more importantly – to maximize customer satisfaction. We can now keep the public informed of requests more efficiently, improve our response time to these requests and review the service we provide.”

Brent Council is one of the UK’s largest boroughs and is located in north east London.

Another Council who uses a similar service is the North Lancashire Council and Cardiff Council. Their Housing department has launched a text message service for their council tenants and leaseholders so they can get information more easily. With this text messaging service, they no longer have to wait in long queues for the call centre. Instead the council will send out text reminders of appointments or any other issues which they previously would have received a letter about.

Both North Lancashire and Cardiff also use SMS for rural alerting from rubbish collection to housing and social work as it is a cheap and efficient way of communicating with those in the area. So if you live in either area, sign up to their SMS service today!


How Can It Help My Area?

A text messaging service can help your council to go paperless and keep those who live in the area in the loop with all the latest news and information. These services can majorly reduce admin costs and the time spent on contact, meaning precious staff time can be spent elsewhere. SMS can improve existing services and maybe even create a few new ones!

Imagine receiving a text reminder than it was time to put your bins out or a warning that the river behind your house is dangerously high. These are just a few of the benefits of a local SMS system. Other alerts could cover topics such as:

  • Traffic Bulletins
  • Council Tax reminders
  • Campaign notifications
  • Notifications of Planning Applications

This service even provides a way of alerting your council to issues you feel are important such as vandalism or road damage.

If you have been inspired by the council’s success and are interested in purchasing a text messaging service for your company then send us a message! There is no contract term, no licence fee, no minimum spend and no data upload. Click here for your free sign up or ring us on 02072 244331.

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